Sitting Bull by John Haig Hovnanian

21. Sitting Bull (Haig)

SITTING BULLSmoking a pipe, a confident Sitting Bull reflectively sits upon his ancestral land which stretches out before him.

As the most recognizable Indian in the world, Sitting Bull (1831-1890) was looked up to as a spiritual and military leader who led the Sioux tribes in their struggle for survival on the North American Plains.  A man of superior intelligence and persuasive skill, Sitting Bull courageously fought to protect the lands and lifestyle of the Sioux people.

Sitting Bull was an influential force among his people, and was admired for his virtues of generosity, wisdom, fortitude and bravery.  This oil painting of Sitting Bull, by John Haig Hovnanian, endeavors to depict the dignity of a great American Indian Chief who had an unrelenting love for his land, who fought for the rights of his people and who died defending them.

(Sitting Bull: 20″x24″ / Oil on Canvas / 2002)

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