John Haig Hovnanian

101. John Painting America John Haig Hovnanian is shown painting a mural entitled  America . . . ‘From ocean to  ocean, depicting the discovery, roots, pioneering spirit, achievements, strength, beauty, and majesty of the consummate American experience.’  (70″x162″, Oil on Canvas, 1988)

12. Masquerade (Hovnanian)

MASQUERADEA masked figure approaching to join the festive intrigue of the costumed, in anticipation of carnival.  (Abstract)

22. The Opera Singer (Haig)

THE OPERA SINGERCostumed opera singer, sings in a striking and dominant pose.  (Abstract)

8A. Man With Cane

MAN WITH CANEStepping out into the light and crispness of a fall day, a gentleman is surrounded by and in enjoyment of the season.  (Impressionism)

11. Procession (Hovnanian)

PROCESSIONDream fragment with embellishments depicting mankind advancing through history with the recognition that dying is common to mature humanity.  (Surrealism)


1. Adam & Eve

ADAM & EVEIn the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve loom out with massive force, each in their creative order.  Their excellence in paradise is beckoned by the seductive and forbidden fruit of the garden.  (Biblical)

2. Boy with Hoop (Hovnanian)

BOY WITH HOOPHumanity nurtured through deep rooted strength of the earth.  With the challenges of the maternal promptings of nature toward its children, the hoop, representing time and eternity, has no beginning and no end.  (Allegorical)

14. Elias

ELIASRich in drama, fiery horses and a chariot with Elias are carried to heaven in a whirlwind.  (Biblical)


John Haig Hovnanian (1921-2013) emerged from a background of everyday experiences and endeavors that surrounded the human condition, and forged into a world that included an abiding love of art.

With years of retrospection and study of the works of renowned individuals in the world of fine arts, John Haig Hovnanian had fostered an affinity to the Florentine masters beginning with Giotto, to the strength of a Michelangelo, to the transitional of a Monet, and in the modern mode, to an early Picasso.

As a painter, with a lifetime of professional experience in the art field, there emerged a personal style of visualization.  He worked diligently to perfect a unique aesthetic style combining originality of concept and composition with effectual painting techniques.

Paintings as shown:

  • Masquerade – 40″x30″, Oil on Canvas, 1983
  • The Opera Singer – 18″x14″, Oil on Canvas, 1995
  • Man With Cane – 24″x19″, Oil on Canvas, 1980
  • Procession – 11 7/8″x9 3/8″, Mixed media: acrylic, pencil, pastel, and oil on paper, 1979
  • Adam & Eve – 34″x48″, Oil on Canvas, 1985
  • Boy With Hoop – 31″x31″, Oil on Canvas, 1981
  • Elias – 45 7/8″x32″, Oil on Canvas, 1984 copyright ©2016

This artwork may not be reproduced without expressed written permission.